KNOCKED UP, my first baby that got released in a limited edition in UAE. It was an experiment to test reader reactions and also to raise funds for a charity.

Distributed by RICH BULL Marketing, it was only given to the members and patrons of the company by invitation and also to few people who showed interest in the book after they got to know about it from their friends.
Rich Bull Marketing had done extensive promotions and sent out invites to their client network. Initially they thought of releasing 100 premium copies but the kind of response they got motivated them to put up another 400 copies on sale and all the 500 copies were ‘sold out’ within a week and they are still getting more orders from prospective buyers who got to know about ‘Knocked Up’ through their friends – word of mouth publicity worked for us.

Here are few comments I got from the readers which I wanted to share here;
“It reminded me of my childhood days” Minal Salarpuria – Housewife

“It reminded me of Malgudi Days in a modern time period” Praveen Tyagi – Talent Manager

“I am not a book reading types… but when I got the first hand opportunity to read ‘KNOCKED UP’ the premium version I was tempted to read. The cover first caught my imagination and then the chapter names… the synopsis etc… Once I started reading I got involved in the story and I must say it was something of an experience which took… me back to my teenage days and the fun and masti I used to do with my friends back home… All the instances in the book made me laugh and I couldnt leave the book aside as the curiosity to find out what happens next made me finish the entire book in 4hours flat… GOOD WORK…SHAIJU MATHEW ‘U ROCK BOY’… I loved ‘KNOCKED UP’ and would wait for your next book eagerly…. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED….” Mohit Malukani – Finance Analyst

“Simply BRILLIANT…The characters were so believable and the one that took my interest was of Prateik and his girlfriend Rupa they both are funny and cute at the same time… I could sense the gradual growth of the characters from immature teenagers to responsible youngsters…especially Sid & Swati… Swati’s transformation from a tomboy to a delicate lady type is noteworthy…. Becky the heroine is smart, sexy and lovable…shez every boy’s dream gal… I am waiting for the next in this 3 part series…” Simi B. John – Physiotherapist

“Knocked Up!!! really Knocked me Out…. hehehe… awesome comedy, simple language and believable situations…I Like, I Like” Brian Reynolds – Investment Banker

“I loved it but I felt that the ending should have been slightly different…but overall I loved it” John Mathew – Sr. Accountant

“Chetan Bhagat has got competition here…After a long time some interesting, light hearted book has released that will be a bestseller in the coming days…Good Work Shaiju” Vinod Lalwani – Book Distributor

“We need more authors like Shaiju and need more such books like Knocked Up in the market and most of the books present in the market are written by few jobless IIM & IIT students describing their life in such colleges which common man like me are bored and least interested in…Chetan Bhagat already did that with 5 point someone…we dont need more CB clones… However, Knocked Up by Shaiju Mathew takes you on a different tangent… A simple, funny, lovable story of six friends…” Darshan Jhunjhunwala – Student

Thank you guys for your valuable feedback and comments… there are few more emails which I am reading right now. I will upload them shortly…

I would also like to answer all my friends and fans who keep on asking me when ‘Knocked Up’ will release in India and why it is taking so much time… To tell you frankly book publishing is a very meticulous and time consuming job. Moreover, there are so many situations and problems that are not in one’s control. I will definitely write my tryst with the publishing industry very soon so that upcoming self publishers and authors can take some help and guidance from y experiences….Till then I am keeping my fingers crossed for the India release which is happening this month….


  1. WOAH man it was hell of a response.

    First and foremost guys i was privileged to read a few chapters even before the book had gone for printing… those chapters had taken me back to the good old college days with my special friends, All those masti which i read was really mind blowing!!!

    I really wonder if 1st book has such a overwhelming response… i could imagine the how the sequels would be.

    Shaiju i'm eagerly waiting to get a hands on your 1st baby!!!!

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