Friends, I would like to share this particular email I received from a person who eats, drinks, sleeps & lives on books. Someone who really understands stories and its potential, someone who can not only judge a book by its cover but also by its content. The review/ feedback he gave about Knocked Up is very special to me because he is a dear friend, guide and mentor to me and his opinion always matters. He is Mr. Vasant Kamat – CEO, Dolphin Publications, Mumbai. Here are excrepts from the email he wrote to me personally after reading my book.

Hi Shaiju,

I finished reading the book. It was one of the most hilarious book I read in a long time. Reminded me of Sue Townsend’s Secret Diary of Adrian Mole. The best part is that one doesn’t need to willingly suspend disbelief to enjoy this book, because everything in it is perfectly believable. Some of the scenes are hilariously original and had me in splits. And the simplicity of the narrative is very refreshing.

A simple endearing story till the last scene/chapter. I consider Sid’s hitting back at Mrs. Fernandez’s ‘raping my daughter” ranting as one of the best crafted scenes. I am sure this book will ‘Rock’ once it hits the market.

Wishing you all the luck…

Thanks & Regards,

Vasant Kamat
Dolphin Publications Pvt Ltd.

I will be posting more reviews and feedback from more readers as soon as possible as my mailbox is already flooded with so many mails. However, I am very touched and also encouraged to give my best in my future books too.

Thank you everyone for all your love and support.