I once heard someone saying in a motivational session that ‘Employees don’t leave companies but they simply leave Managers.’ I didn’t understand this phrase as I had just stepped into my first job and I had never experienced the politics and management tactics present in an organization.

The training period went fine and I was the topper in my batch. People in the company always smiled, HR staff always said that the company was the best place to work and they took great care of their employees. Managers and Senior Managers repeatedly said that the company is an equal opportunity company and they have a open door policy, so incase you have any issues or problems you can always drop in and discuss your issues.

I was all charged up and hit the floor. We were told our SLA’s (Service Level Agreement) which simply meant the performance metrics on the basis of which I would be evaluated in the company appraisals. The Appraisals were the deciding factor for our promotions, bonuses and our increments. I understood every metric and put my best into my performance. In the the half yearly appraisals I was in the top 10 list and I got my bonus and also few incentives. Now my target was to grow in the company.

As per the rules I would be eligible for promotions once I complete nine months in my present role and if I was in the top 25% on the stack rank (decided by the performance metrics). I put in my entire self into my performance and built a sky castle about how I would be promoted after the nine months. However, when the time arrived for me to apply for the promotions I was told by my Manager that I shouldn’t apply as I was not eligible. I went back to him and showed the rules and also my stacks but I was sent back. Instead of me another person from our team was chosen for the promotion interview and the biggest surprise was that he was an under performer and was not even eligible for the promotion.

I was upset and wanted to voice out my concerns but didn’t know how? Then suddenly I remembered our induction day presentation that was presented to us by the HR staff and also the assurances we got from our Senior Managers about the open door policy and how I should approach them for finding a resolution in similar situations.

I went to my Area Manager and told him about my concern. My Area Manager heard me out and told me that he will speak to my Manager, which he did and later I had an extensive meeting with my Manager where he vent out his frustration on me. I was demotivated and was forced to loose focus on my work and my growth. It started affecting my work and I couldn’t do much. I was told by one of my colleagues to approach our HR Generalist and voice out my concern. I went and met my HRG who in turn arranged a joint meeting to resolve the issue with my Manager.

In the meeting it was decided that my team would be changed as I was not comfortable working with my Manager. I was put into a team which didn’t require the kind of expertise and my liking. I was given a shift that was one of the worst – graveyard shift. I was burdened with more work. I was not enjoying my work in that department. I went back to my Area Manager and told him how I was not happy with the new team. I felt I was indirectly punished for raising my concerns to the seniors.

My Area Manager said he will look into the matter and he didn’t do anything. Being dissatisfied with the entire matter I approached our Process Head and raised my concern. Now the entire thing was a ego tussle between the Area Manager, my ex-Manager and me. In all this drama my performance was affected as I was not able to concentrate on my work and the entire mental trauma was making me more frustrated. I was told by my Area Manager that I was not concentrating on my work and my stats were screwed up so anyways I couldn’t apply for the next IJP interviews.

I was totally demotivated. I felt I had chosen the wrong company and the company didn’t care for me. To teach a lesson to the managers I decided to quit the company and join another. I attended interviews and in few days time I got a job in another prestigious brand. I thought now my problems were over and I will begin a new chapter here and grow in the company. Alas, my delusion was broken again. Soon I realised that companies changed, managers changed but the situations were still similar…

I left 5 companies in the last 10 years not because the companies I worked were bad but the people who managed us were bad. Names changed, positions changed but the situations and the politics were always the same….Don’t know when such things will come to an end…..!!!

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