How do you feel when you crash onto a family of six accidentally
while learning to ride a bike?

How do you feel when accidentally you peep into a bathroom to see your girlfriend’s mother taking a bath?

How do you feel when high on beer you accidentally kick onto a dead body?

How do you feel when a dog chases and bites you when you accidentally stroll into someone’s garden?

How do you feel when accidentally you are caught red handed making love to your girlfriend by her mother?

The answer is “Knocked Up” a hilarious tale of friendship, love, happiness and togetherness experienced, redefined and celebrated by three best friends Sid, Ron & Prateik.

Growing up days is fun especially when you have a set of friends who are as whacked and crazy as you are. Sid, Ron and Prateik had nothing in common other than their friendship and zest for life. The fun loving trio who were never serious about their lives or career ultimately find their goals and meaning to their life through funny events and incidents.

A story that will relate to you and also put a smile on your face making you miss those fun filled teenage days.

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